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Representation in Central Federal District

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Our companys staff has been working together since 2001. We have team of experienced specialists who are ready to train quickly for specific assignments. Our office, situated in Kaluga, is equipped with all kinds of communications. We have great experience in the sphere of sales all around the Russian Federation, particularly we deal with telecommunication and electronic devices such as wireless security alarms or wirelss staff alarms.
Here is the link for our website
We have been representatives of German telecommunication company Spharion since 2001. Our company chose their products as startup and 2 years later we had 158 clients in Russia.
Our partnership with Korean company LEETEK started in 2008 and weve been their representatives in Russia as well.
We have great experience in dealing with corporate clients in all phases, from negotiations and contracts conclusion up to claims for accounts receivable. We are ready to fulfill all organizational matters.
From 2002 up to 2014 weve taken part in federal and regional exhibitions in Russia.
Our team is friendly and solid, we are always ready for labourious job and focused for final result.
We are looking for permanent partnership with reliable company in promotion of your products on the territory of the Russian Federation. We are ready to offer our intellectual capital and base potential without financial investment from our part. We expect the next financial investments from our partner: financing of administrative staff (3 managers), financing of profile exhibitions, financing of travel allowances. From our part we offer: market monitoring, products promotion by all means available, full accountability, preparing clients for making agreements of supply with your company, fulfillment of contracts.
Best regards,
 Китай, Гуанчжоу
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